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Katilyn is an occupational therapist who specializes in anatomy of the human body. She has completed several myofascial workshops and a 4-month internship working one-on-one with Amy to hone her myofascial release evauation and treatment skills. She is passionate about helping people heal. She is great with all types of pain, teach to toes, and has a special interest in treating TMJ dysfunction.

Read her personal TMJ story here.

At this time Amy is only seeing established clients. New clients please schedule with Kaitlyn.

Amy Mayer is the owner of Mayer Fascia Wellness, has been working with people with pain using myofascial techniques for 30 years. She specializes in identifying and resolving posture and movement issues that contribute to tension in the fascia contributing to the experience of pain.

In addition to her love of working with clients one on one, she develops classes, books and courses that focus on keeping the fascia well. Amy also loves mentoring other therapists in developing their myofascial and fascia wellness skills.