Integrated Fascia CE for Health and Wellness Pros

As an administrator and faculty member in higher education for twenty years, I love teaching and consider it the most important part of my practice whether I’m teaching the basics about posture to a client or complex research on fascia to health professionals. My approach to teaching is very practical. As a result, my students often connect to my teaching style. I value simplicity and action.

My focus is not just on teaching myofascial release techniques. I teach about fascia. It is now considered to be another body system. Understanding this system and its intricate relationship with all our other body systems is a critical layer to understanding health. If your fascia is healthy, your other body systems have the environment to function well.

I am also a learner, an input and strategic (Clifton Strengths Finder). I love to learn about topics that interest me, such as fascia, gather as much as I can on that topic and integrate it into my practice to continually offer the best possible service to my clients. Therefore, my practice and the courses I offer all have a central thread of integrating fascia wellness concepts into how we think about our own health and the health and function of our clients. Now that I’m in my 30th year of practice I want to turn around and support all the amazing health and wellness professionals out there trying to be the best possible practitioner they can be.

Read more about my background in teaching and myofascial work in the About Amy section.

Read more about the concept of fascia wellness here.

My Immutable Laws of Business

  • Excellence in Teaching: I create courses that are easy to digest and full of information that can be applied to your practice immediately.
  • Knowledge: I seek out and share the most recent and relevant fascia related information important to health and wellness professionals.
  • Growth and Success: I want to see all health and wellness professionals find success with their clients and their careers.
  • Health: Understanding fascia and what keeps it well is an important layer to understanding health.

Resources to Support Integrating Fascia into Your Practice

I have three methods where you can learn from me and with me.

Live Courses

I offer several courses for the public. Any course I offer to the public is also open to health and wellness professionals. If you let me know you need a certificate for the course, I will provide that for you.

I offer continuing education courses for all types of health and wellness professionals.

Learn more about live courses here.

One to One Learning Sessions

I love one to one teaching and learning. Health and wellness professionals can sign up for one to one sessions with me. During these sessions we can focus on practicing your skills by working on each other or do problem solving related to your clients. I’ve also had therapists use this time to discuss creating their own practice. I will create a certificate with your specific learning objectives so you can use this time as continuing education.

Therapists also have the option to treat clients with me. I have amazing clients who love to help me teach you. Plus, they get the experience of being treated by two therapists at the same time which is also a wonderful experience. To schedule this option, you must have taken my in-person workshop, been treated as a client by myself or a therapist I have trained, and completed at least one, one on one session with me. These must be scheduled directly with me at least one week in advance so that I can gain permission from my clients. You can stay for one session or stay the day. $50 per session. Email to set up this option. I can issue a certificate for these sessions as well.

Learn more about one-to-one session here.

On-Demand Learning

While teaching doctorate level therapists, my university also offered distance learning. Over time, this made me quite comfortable creating content and teaching online. I also completed a two-year e-learning fellowship which taught me so much about using technology to create high quality content which can be very challenging when teaching what we typically think of as “hands-on” skills.

I have so much to share with health and wellness professionals (and the public) that I have two platforms that support my content.

I have smaller courses and classes generally designed for the public. I can provide certificates for therapists and wellness professionals for each course. Therapists can learn about themselves as well as information that can support your work with your own clients. Find them here. Also check out the “store” while on this site for on-demand yoga, natural movement and other resources. Here is what you will find.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Myofascial Self-Care eBook (PDF version)
  • Yoga for Your Health with courses dedicated to specific populations and health issues. This is a practical yet evidence-based guide to starting a yoga practice that will be safe and effective for an individual’s health needs. Great to help therapists guide their clients.
  • Classes in yoga and natural movement.

My larger more robust courses are located here. This site supports longer, more in-depth courses with greater variety in teaching and learning options. I have some designed for the public, but this site is mostly for you. Find great courses here. Here’s what you’ll find.

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Myofascial Self-Care eBook (PDF version)
  • Beginner’s Guide to Myofascial Self-Care video guided course (includes the ebook).
  • Yoga for Your Health Course that includes all health and wellness areas.
  • Move Better to Feel Better and Stay Functionally Fit as You Age

Amazon Kindle

You can also find my eBook on Amazon if you prefer the kindle version.