Classes and Workshops

At Mayer Wellness & Myofascial Release, LLC we offer a variety of classes and workshops for the public, and for health and wellness practitioners. To see a current list of classes, dates and prices please click the link below.

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All classes and workshops are offered from our current location at 4060 Vinton St. Suite 200 Omaha, NE 68105. However, all classes and workshops are available to be taught at your location (corporate wellness, church and community activities, fitness centers, family functions). Contact Amy for more information.

My fitness philosophy:

Your fascia influences the health of your entire body so exercise with your fascia in mind!

Fascia surrounds every muscle, organ and body system (nervous, circulatory, digestive, etc.) and has been dubbed the unifying system of the body. When your fascia is tight it can put tremendous pressure on other body systems causing a variety of problems. The classes I teach center around keeping your fascia, therefore your body healthy, pain-free and highly functional.

We can’t dramatically change our lifestyles that add tension to our bodies. Instead we can learn and apply techniques to chase out any existing tension, and learn to move better to keep it out.

My philosophy includes a combination of self-bodywork, body alignment, movement, and stress management. You need ALL these to have optimum health and live your best life. It is up to you to find the just right combination for you. We are all unique!

Class vs. Workshop: Classes are designed to lead everyone through an activity that is performed together to achieve and outcome. Workshops are designed to teach a specific skill that can be applied at a later date.

MovNat® Natural Movement Classes

According to Erwan Le Corre , MovNat founder, “MovNat is a physical education system for developing real world capacity though natural movement”.  Please follow this link to the MovNat page for more information about this safe, fun and effective way to exercise and prepare your body for life!

Fascia Focused Yoga

Everyone’s practice is slightly different based on their individual readiness for each yoga pose.

This ongoing class will teach you the basic skills to help you stay safe as you learn and practice yoga.  Each class will include safety, alignment and adaptations for all fitness and skill levels. In each class we address common issues we all have as a result of our daily activities such as neck, shoulder, back and hip stiffness and pain. You must be able to get up and down from the floor to participate (slow is OK). Come if you are new to yoga or you just prefer a short regular practice and love variety! If you don’t feel confident practicing in a group consider a private yoga session.

Basic Myofascial Stretching Workshop

Each participant learns how to use the tools to address their individual needs.

This two hour workshop integrates the principles of myofascial release and body alignment for a stretch that will reach deep into your fascial system to decrease pain, relieve stiffness and improve your range of motion.  You will learn the how to move, stretch and use props such yoga balls, straps and blocks safely to achieve deep releases from head to toe.  This style of stretching is effective and long lasting. We’ll layer in a touch of breathing and mindfulness to bump up the effectiveness even more.

Participants should wear comfortable layered clothing. No need to bring a mat or props unless you prefer using your own.  We have what you will need. Accommodations can be made for those who have difficulty getting on the floor.

100% of past participants recommend this workshop for self-care! Below are comments from past participants.

  • Very informative -definitely worth the time! I learned a lot about the correct way to stretch and plan to use the information/stretching methods to increase my flexibility. Laurie M. 
  • Great pace; lots of good ideas to change pressure. TMJ area helps with tight neck and jaw- priceless! Michelle
  • Amazing to find out spots that are tight that affect so many others. Highly recommend for everyone.  Tim 53
  • Information was helpful and easy to apply into my everyday exercise routine/training schedule. Rebekah 26
  • Great introductory course. Two hours well spent on our health and wellness!  Easy techniques to incorporate into your daily routine.  Kellie
  • This class provides so many easy to do at home stretches to help relieve tension and tightness in the whole body. Joanne 66
  • Understanding the fascia system seems to be very important in relieving tension and stress from the body. Amy’s course was very enlightening and easy to follow.  I look forward to incorporating these techniques at home.  Carl
  • I didn’t realize there was a better way than the foam roller!
  • I enjoyed learning ways to incorporate these stretches into my daily life in order to be able to continue the techniques I learned even with a busy small family. Thank you!  Abby 34
  • Loved it. I have had chronic pain for years, and this helps alleviate it considerably!  Emily 46
  • Amy does a fantastic job of explaining the fascia system and teaching you how to address those tricky problem spots to release those painful areas and improve movement and function! Lacie 29

Advanced Myofascial Stretching Workshops

If you are serious about self-care, watch for our advanced workshops. About once a month we offer a workshop focusing on different areas of the body such as neck and shoulders, low back, hips and feet. Sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

Meditation Sampler Workshop

Meditation can be short and simple.

The research is in and meditation is beneficial for all sorts of health problems caused by the stress we face in today’s world. The goal of this short two-hour workshop is to expose your to several types of meditation to help you find a style that works for you. We will sample a variety of meditation styles and discuss the pros and cons. We will dispel meditation myths and create a meditation plan that fits into your lifestyle.

Healthy Low Back Workshop

Learning to move in a healthy way protects your back!

Over 80% of men and women will experience low back pain during their lifetime.  It is also the second leading cause of disability. Once you experience back pain there is often fear or reinjury. This workshop will help you learn to prevent back pain or help you begin to heal. Healing your back pain requires a understanding how to achieve and maintain your best alignment during daily tasks including work, leisure, exercise and sleep.  You’ll also learn and practice the best methods to move, stretch and strengthen your body to create a resilient back. Be sure to dress comfortably. This is an active workshop!

Preventing Falls from the Ground Up Workshop

Reduce your risk!

More than 1 in 4 adults over 65 will experience a fall and 1 out of 5 falls results in a serious injury. This three-part workshop series designed to reduce fall risk and the likelihood of injury when a fall occurs. 

This is a very active class where our participants will:

  • Work with the instructors to evaluate their individual fall risk.
  • Complete an evaluation to reduce the risk of falls at home.
  • Learn to set up the home environment to encourage movement and reduce fall risk.
  • Practice exercises to increase and maintain strength, balance and mobility.
  • Practice techniques to reduce the chance of injury during a fall.
  • Learn to self-assess for injury after all fall.
  • Practice safe strategies for getting up from the floor.
  • Learn how to instruct others to assist you with getting up safely from the floor.

If you are concerned about your fall risk but not interested in a class format, work one on one with Amy.

Everyday Ergonomics

There are a least 6 opportunities to improve the ergonomics of this workstation to reduce risk of future injury!

Most jobs in our culture require us to be in a sedentary positions, either siting or standing, for much of the day. We are also spending more and more time on computers and devices at home. When our bodies are designed to function best with lots of movement, we must do what we can to reduce our risk factors while in sedentary positions. This workshop will focus on body alignment during sitting and standing tasks. We will discuss what makes furniture or equipment “ergonomic” and how to make good choices. Finally, we will cover strategies to create balance of movement to reduce risk factors at your workstation.

Integrating Myofascial Release into Traditional Healthcare Workshop

This workshop introduces myofascial release principles and techniques. The primary functions of the fascial system will be discussed along with when the fascia can become dysfunctional causing movement restrictions and pain.  After discussing the primary application principles of myofascial release, we will practice several basic patient care and self-care techniques appropriate for traditional healthcare settings. We’ll wrap up with case studies and discussion.

After completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the primary functions of the fascial system.
  • Apply core myofascial principles to common diagnoses and cases.
  • Effectively demonstrate basic techniques for the neck, shoulders, back and hips.
  • Design a basic self-care program for fascial focused stretching

Additional Workshops in Development

Family Meditation Class

  • Bring the whole family to develop a family-based meditation practice. Learn to integrate meditation into your daily routine for greater calm and togetherness.

Stretching, Movement and Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

  • Pelvic floor issues are all too prevalent in both men and women. This class will guide you through stretches and movements that will normalize the tone of your pelvic floor.

Self-Treatment for Partners

  • This class teaches strategies for treating yourself and others. Come with a friend, family member or significant other. Learn safe and easy to do, yet effective pain reducing techniques anyone can do.