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I believe in educating the next generation of therapists.  Over the past 20 years, I have taught both entry-level and post-professional occupational therapists seeking their doctorate.  I have also presented at the state and national levels numerous times.  I have received awards for the quality of my teaching.  I also believe there is enough work for all of us, and sharing my knowledge and skills with others is good for our profession, healthcare, and future.  If you would like to learn the skills I have honed over the years, I would love to teach you.  You can schedule sessions in my office space or yours.

I offer one on one, small group or large group training, and online self-paced courses with challenging learning objectives and hands-on activities designed specifically for your needs and interests in the following areas:

  • Integrating Myofascial Release into Traditional Occupational Therapy Practice
  • Integrating Yoga into Traditional Occupational Therapy Practice
  • Integrating Stress Management into Occupational Therapy Practice
  • Everyday Ergonomics for Occupational Therapy Practice
  • Office-Based Ergonomics
  • Myofascial Release Skill Development
  • Yoga Skill Development
  • Holistic Stress Management Skill Development
  • Additional areas upon request

You can schedule sessions in my office space or yours.


Myofascial Release Basics for Traditional Healthcare Settings

Presented by Amy Mayer OTD, OTR/L, RYT

This workshop provides an introduction to myofascial release techniques.  The primary functions of the fascial system will be discussed, along with when the fascia can become dysfunctional causing movement restrictions and pain.  After discussing the primary application principles of myofascial release, we will practice several basic patient care and self-care techniques appropriate for most traditional healthcare settings. We’ll wrap up with a case study and discussion.

Workshop Objectives

After completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

• Articulate the primary functions of the fascial system.
• Apply core myofascial principles.
• Demonstrate basic techniques for the neck, shoulders, and hips.
• Design a basic self-care program.

Participant Feedback

100% of past participants would recommend this course to other therapists!

  • I enjoyed how much practice we had with each technique. -Ryan PT
  • Great hands on approach for teaching and personalizes for clinic’s needs and clientele.  -Aaron OT
  • Amy is easy going.  Very approachable. Very knowledgeable and well educated.  Has a steady gentle pressure that demonstrates results. -Gail PT
  • I learned A LOT!  Great teacher, taught techniques most relevant to our persons served. Nora OT
  • Loved that most of the course is hands on with frequent instructor oversight.
  • Enjoyed the hands-on practice.  It was nice to heave the instructor complete on each person and then practice.
  • Thank you for providing an informative and practice instruction on MFR techniques.  All the hands-on lab practice with Amy’s availability to answer questions and reinforce or proper techniques I feel confident in my ability to sues these techniques in current treatments.  Notes for course and available resources are a big plus.