Corporate Wellness

As a former faculty member in graduate-level higher education, I have taught in face-to-face and online environments. I understand how adults learn. Information must be relevant, easy to apply, and delivered in an active and engaging style. I offer a variety of wellness-based classes and workshops that can be completed in person or online.

Below are several descriptions of available classes I teach at my location and are adaptable to corporate environments.

Practical Ergonomics for Sitting and Standing Workstations: This topic is offered as a single 50 minute session. Ergonomics goes well beyond equipment. Everyone using a computer workstation must understand how they position their body throughout the day is equally important to choosing the right equipment.

Practical Meditation: This topic can be offered as a workshop series (3, 45 minute sessions) or individual classes (30 minutes).  Participants learn basic meditation tips and strategies with the goals of easing into a personal practice. 

Return to You Yoga Classes: This topic is offered in 30 or 45 minute classes and is appropriate for all fitness levels.  Participants practice basic yoga positions and flows great for bodies that sit most of the day. Return to You Yoga guides our body and mind back toward our natural state. 

Natural Movement Classes:  This topic is offered in 30 to 45 minute classes.  Our bodies were designed to move through a huge variety of motion.  We become stiff and sore when we don’t use this motion.  Participants will learn and practice natural movement philosophy to increase motion, increase strength and reduce stiffness and pain. This is a gentle method of challenging the body and increasing overall wellness. 

Myofascial Self-Care Classes: This topic is offered in 45 to 60 minute classes.  Lack of movement and body misalignment causes our fascia to thicken which results in our bodies to becoming stiff and painful.  Stretching and mobilizing the fascia requires patience and gentle input to the body.  This class guides the process of gently and effectively releasing the fascia to relieve pain and improve wellness.

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