Wellness Focused Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists specialize in helping people maintain or regain function during or after an illness or injury, but also work with those people who just want to improve their overall wellness.   Many people do not qualify for skilled occupational therapy services paid for by insurance if change is very slow, benefits have been exhausted or they haven’t experienced a loss of function.  I offer cash-based occupational therapy services designed specifically to meet your needs with a focus on wellness. Occupational therapists focus on what is meaningful to the individual so every plan is unique. 

I can help you meet your wellness goals.  I specialize in body alignment analysis and will evaluate how you are using your body during functional tasks to identify areas of weakness and tightness.  Learning to manage stress is also a key part of wellness that I integrate into all wellness plans.  We will create a plan to balance and strengthen your body and mind to prevent injury, reduce stress, and keep you fully engaged in life!

Wellness focused occupational therapy may include:

  • personal exercise training to improve strength, flexibility and functional movement
  • designing an exercise and movement program you can do with your therapist or at home
  • rehabilitation strategies to improve physical, cognitive or visual skills
  • myofascial release or stretching to improve mobility or decrease pain
  • home visits to improve accessibility
  • wellness training
  • others as needed

Photo: This was taken during a dear friend’s 50th birthday party.  Taking time to relax and be with those you care about is important.