Resources for Current and Future Clients

We love clients who are serious about healing. Our goal is to help you not only feel better but to also know what you can do to keep your pain from returning so you can live your best life!

We encourage you to take a workshop and start self-treating as soon as possible. Self-treating with myofascial release will accelerate your results and give a method to manage your own body tension and pain with or without sessions with us.

Read more about the workshop below.

If you aren’t in our area, we have a replay of the workshop, an ebook and several to courses to help you heal on your own. We love to share what we know!

We have a variety of live classes offered in-person and on Zoom. All our classes focus on the fascia and creating a resilient body. Healthy bodies practice good posture and are flexible and strong! Check the schedule for what is available.

We have a membership with so many resources including free classes, discounted workshops and reduced fee treatment sessions.

We have two YouTube Channels! One for the homework we give out (but anyone can use it) and one for going beyond healing and creating healthy and resilient body in a logical reasonable manner.

Mayer Wellness YouTube

Fascia Forward Fitness YouTube

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Our Flagship Myofascial Release Self-Treatment Workshop

Learn to Treat Yourself with Myofascial Release

I recommend most of my clients attend our Level 1 Myofascial Self-Treatment Workshop. It is very important to me that my clients are as independent as possible with their self-treatment. This workshop will teach you all about fascia and how to apply the principles of Barnes myofascial release to your self-care using simple tools. The techniques are surprisingly easy and very effective.

If you are unable to attend, the book below will guide you through all the techniques we do in the workshop and several more.

Over a thousand people have attended this workshop and the feedback is amazing! You will not believe how simple yet effective this is. I use these techniques as part of my self-care regularly.