Unlimited Classes

Your Fascia Influences the Health of Your Body

Fascia surrounds every muscle, organ and body system (nervous, circulatory, digestive, etc.) and has been dubbed the unifying system of the body. When your fascia is tight it can put tremendous pressure on other body systems causing a variety of problems. The classes I teach center around keeping your fascia, therefore your body healthy, pain-free and highly functional.

We can’t dramatically change our lifestyles that add tension to our bodies. Instead we can learn and apply techniques to chase out any existing tension and learn to move better to keep it out.

My philosophy includes a combination of self-bodywork, body alignment, movement, and stress management. You need ALL these to have optimum health and live your best life. It is up to you to find the just right combination for you. We are all unique!

Unlimited Class Option

  • Attend any of the 1 hour (or shorter) classes in person or online, at no additional charge.
  • No need to register for classes. You’ll receive a reusable link to participate online or just show up for the in-person classes.
  • Attend one myofascial stretching workshop per year at no additional charge.
  • Reduced pricing on special event classes and online self-paced courses.

See a description of the classes offered this fall/winter season below.

To sign up, go to Schedulicity, create an account and enter your CC number. Schedulicity has changed their processes so you will have to enter your CC even if you have in the past. Then text or email me. I need to manually add you to the Membership. MayerWellness@gmail.com or 402-651-9719

Individual Classes: See each class and workshop in Schedulicity for prices. One hour to 45 min classes typically $15/class.

Self-Bodywork: Myofascial self-care stretching workshops and classes that help chase out the tension that builds in our bodies from the lives we lead.

Two-hour workshops (approximately 8 offered per year) that review the principles of myofascial stretching and leads you through the proper methodology to get releases throughout the entire body.

One to two, 1-hour online classes each month that will lead you through myofascial stretches held at a therapeutic dose. We will practice many from the workshop and add new ideas to release the tension from your fascia and pain from your body. Look for Sunday Afternoon Stretch in Schedulicity.

These classes require some props to get the most from your experience, including a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a strap, a half-roll, a 4inch air-filled ball, and a set of 2.5-inch therapy balls. All props are available for purchase at our office or links can be found on my website for those practicing at a distance.

Alignment: Yoga classes that focus on alignment cues you can infuse into daily life. The poses practiced will build the range of motion and muscles that support good posture and body alignment.

oga class is every Tuesday from 5:45 to 6:30 PM. You can attend online or in person. The yoga classes are appropriate for anyone that can get on the floor and back up again. I offer many options for making each pose more accessible or more challenging.

This class offer tremendous variety and is never the same each week which is great for your muscles, fascia and nervous system!

This class requires some props to get the most from your experience, including a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and a strap. We will occasionally use a pillow and a blanket for deeper restorative and yin-focused classes. If you are practicing with me in person, we have lots of props you can borrow.

Movement: Practicing natural movement/exercise that increases your strength through your greatest possible range of motion and helps you build a resilient body that supports your lifestyle.

Natural Movement class is every Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30. You can attend online or in person.

The first 30 minutes will focus on improving balance and creating mobility in the body and offer more beginner-level options. However, it is a great review and opportunity for more experienced movers to keep nudging into their end range of mobility and improve balance. The second 30 minutes will focus on more challenging movements to build strength through your full range of motion. Beginners can still participate with some adaptations.

This class requires several props to get the most from your experience, including a yoga mat, two chairs without arms (folding style is fine), a 2x4x 6 or 8 plank of wood for balancing, two 4’ long x ¾ to 1 ½” round dowel sticks, or walking poles, and a sturdy step stool. If you are practicing with us in person we have props you can borrow.

Stress Management: When our bodies are in a persistent state of stress, we experience a wide range of negative consequences that aren’t always immediately apparent. Integrating practices that reduce stress and counteract its impact on the body can improve our health immeasurably.

These classes will be offered periodically throughout the year and will include restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and other styles of meditation and stress reduction techniques.

These classes will vary from 15 minutes to 1 hour and be announced in the monthly newsletter. Plan on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning gentle yoga + yoga nidra.

Photo by Kelvin Valerio on Pexels.com