Myofascial Yoga

I teach yoga with a focus on the fascial system. If your fascia is tight, it rules the rest of your body.  Typical stretching strategies will not work. Tight fascia requires gentle sustained tension in the correct alignment to encourage it to soften and return to normal functioning. It is also important to complete your movements in the best possible alignment to train your body how good alignment feels. Only then will your great alignment on the mat translate off the mat into daily life.  Learning to approach your yoga practice with these principles in mind will accelerate your results.

Learning Yoga

As an occupational therapist, I love teaching yoga to people who have never tried it or believe they cannot “do” yoga.  Anyone can practice yoga.  I specialize in teaching safe yoga practice with the best possible body alignment and helping you create a yoga practice that addresses your individual needs and is suited to your lifestyle.

It is a common misconception that you must do hours of yoga a day or week to reap the benefits. Learning and regularly practicing one or two well-chosen poses can build confidence, flexibility, strength, and stamina and help you manage pain and stiffness. As you become comfortable, you can layer on new poses or breathing strategies to help you build your practice.

Yoga is not just about poses.  Yoga is also about learning to breathe deeply and focus your mind.  Both have a significant positive impact on your mental and emotional well-being both during and after practice.  A simple yoga practice can help you improve your quality of life through improving your physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Some people prefer to practice in their own home, while others prefer to practice with others in a class setting.  Private yoga training can help you decide if you would rather practice at home in solitude or in the company of others.  Private one-on-one training can help you build confidence to establish your own practice or join a local class.

Private Yoga or Yoga as Therapy

I am a licensed healthcare provider who uses yoga as an intervention to address pain, disabilty, health and wellness.  This is different from a yoga therapist.  There is some controversy in the yoga world regarding yoga therapy/therapists who are not healthcare practitioners.  

As an occupational therapist, I use yoga as an intervention to treat clients who want to regain motion, balance, and strength lost due to injury or illness.  I have used yoga to help people reduce, eliminate and manage pain after accidents, illnesses, injuries, and sometimes just life.  I have designed programs around physical limitations such as being non-weight bearing on one side or a painful toe.  Some people also have personal preferences, such as not wanting to stretch on the floor so I can create effective standing practices.  Whether you are an office employee who is on the computer eight hours a day or you are a marathoner, you are likely to develop pain at some point in your life.  Yoga can be a wonderful method of moving your body to increase blood flow and heal your aches and pains. Your body’s needs change over time depending on your activities and your stress level.  Your yoga should change too.  Yoga therapy also involves adjusting your practice as your body’s needs change.  As an experienced therapist, I can help you get the most from your practice.

Small or Large Group Yoga Classes

I also offer small or large group classes in my office or in your home, work or community setting. Classes can be tailored to your group needs. Pricing is dependent on travel and group size. Contact me to design your yoga class.

Specialized Classes available:


  • Yoga for a Healthy Back
  • Yoga for the Office Athlete
  • Yoga for Improved Focus


  • Yoga for the Whole Family
  • Parent-Child Yoga
  • Partner Yoga (friends, spouses, partners, etc.)


  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Yoga for Vets
  • Yoga for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Yoga for Stress Management