About Amy

As an occupational therapist, I started working with people who experienced chronic pain very early in my career.  A visionary physician at our hospital asked us to learn myofascial release because he wanted non-medication options for dealing with pain.  I was amazed at how well this technique worked to break the pain cycle.  Combining my myofascial release skills with my occupational therapy training helped me work with my patients to identify how to eliminate poor postural habits and create positive habits to lessen the likelihood of the pain returning.


Throughout my career, I have continued to scour the fascia research to learn more about this amazing system and expand my client care skills.  I’m an advanced level therapist and have attended over 200 hours of John F. Barnes myofascial release training.  I am certified in yoga, holistic stress management and natural movement. My expertise is posture, body alignment, ergonomics and how we move in daily life.  I earned my doctorate in occupational therapy and continue to explore both conventional and alternative interventions for improved health and wellness with a focus on the fascia.

In addition to Mayer Fascia Wellness, I taught occupational therapy at Creighton University for 19 years. My teaching responsibilities included Occupational Therapy Management, Physical Rehabilitation I: Evaluation, Health Systems Management, and Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicines in Occupational Therapy Practice. I continue to serve as a Contributed Service Faculty member providing specialty lectures and specialized student experiences.

MFR Certs

I have been very fortunate to have had many opportunities throughout my career, leading me to where I am at today. My passion is helping people find greater peace and life satisfaction through reducing, managing and often eliminating their pain through practices that best suit their lifestyle.

I practice all the techniques I teach my clients. As a woman in her 50s, my goal is to have an active pain-free life that allows me to keep up with my grandkids and do all the amazing things this life has to offer!

Amy Mayer OTD, OTR/L, RYT