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Pain affects quality of life, whether it is intense or mild, persistent or intermittent. Many people with pain can accomplish daily tasks but experience less joy or are distracted by the pain.  Each person develops pain through their unique life experiences; therefore, pain reduction and management cannot be one size fits all.

We use a multifaceted individualized approach focused on reducing tension in the fascia using the Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, as well as other traditional and non-traditional therapies. Reducing tension in the fascia allows the body to function as it should and heal itself naturally.

As an occupational therapists, we recognize the uniqueness of each individual and how pain affects everyone’s life differently.  Over the years we have honed our skills to help you get the results you are looking for quickly. -Amy Mayer

There are many styles of body work and fascia work. We practice the J.F. Barnes method of myofascial release. This method has been in existence for decades and follows a set of principles rather than a specific protocol. Each client is treated differently based on their individual tension patterns and pain experience. The technique is gentle yet reaches deep into the fascia to relieve pain by reducing pressure on the nerves, muscles and circulatory systems. Traditional healthcare is not paying attention to fascia. It is the missing piece to the puzzle of understanding pain.

If you haven’t tried our approach to Barnes myofascial release, book an appointment or attend a self-treatment workshop. We’d love to work with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my pain is related to my fascia, my muscles, or my myofascia?

We have anywhere from 8-10 times more nerves in our fascia than our muscles. If you have pain, it is very likely your fascia is involved. The fascia covers everything, including the muscles. If your pain rarely stays in exactly the same spot at the same intensity, it is likely fascial pain. Read more.

Is myofascial release a massage?

Myofascial release is a soft tissue mobilization technique. It is not traditional massage. Myofascial release can be done by many different types of health and wellness professionals. We are highly trained occupational therapists.

How is the Barnes approach to myofascial release unique?

The Barnes approach to myofascial release includes a specific set of principles to release and open the soft tissues. The research points to long slow holds at the right depth which is unique to each individual which is exactly what we use in the Barnes approach.

How does the Barnes approach to myofascial release decrease pain?

When the fascia is released and softened, pressure is taken off all the other body systems including the nervous and circulatory systems. Less pressure allows your body systems to function as they should, and your body will begin to heal itself as it is designed.

How many sessions of myofascial release will I need?

Of course, there are many factors that go into healing. Myofascial release is amazing, but you must be involved in your care. The more willing you are to do your homework, the better your outcomes will be. If your issue is long standing, it can take some time, but most people begin to experience positive changes quickly. Read my blog post on this topic.

Do you only do myofascial release in Omaha?

I travel all over to teach about fascia and myofascial release, but I currently only have a clinic offering hands on myofascial release in Omaha, NE.

Do you take insurance?

No. We do not process any type of insurance, but you can use an HSA card.
We choose this so WE can run our practice, not the insurance companies. Read more.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

We use the John F. Barnes MFR approach, a hands-on technique that applies gentle sustained pressure unique to each person to decrease tension in the myofascial system.  This method removes pressure on your tissues to encourage blood flow, allowing your body to heal, move, and function normally.  MFR can help with many conditions. Many clients experience immediate relief while others may take a several sessions. You will know at your first session if this technique is right for you.
We will evaluate your posture and body alignment in detail to identify fascial tension that may be contributing to your pain.  Your body will heal faster, and function better when appropriately aligned.  We’ll provide you with simple strategies to get your posture and alignment on track which will help the tension from rebuilding after treatment.
We will evaluate your work, sleep, and life habits to determine if any habits may be contributing to your pain. We can provide simple adaptations and strategies to make small changes that can make a huge difference in your outcome and maintaining your gains.
We will help design a movement and self-treatment plan designed to keep your body aligned and pain-free, as well as allow you to independently manage any flare-ups you may experience.
If you have been dealing with a chronic condition and choose to book a session, we suggest scheduling at least three additional follow-up visits approximately 7 to 10 days between each. This approach will get traction quickly and on to a higher quality of life.
We love working with clients who are serious about creating a high-quality life. If you have questions about Barnes myofascial work and my approach to fascia wellness, please feel free to contact us at


Amy’s knowledge, expertise, and techniques have become an indispensable component of my healthcare. Myofascial care has changed the way I move, feel, and recover from the many physical activities I enjoy. I am thrilled to know that as I enter my 60s I can continue to pursue nearly any adventure safely and confidently. Amy helps me conscientiously prepare for any given physical challenge, modify movements if necessary, and recover well. I am nearly 60 and am competing in my 4th full Ironman this summer, gravel biking with friends, doing a 10k open water swim at the Cornhusker State Games, playing crazy games of tag with my grandkids, remodeling houses, gardening and learning to surf. It is not an exaggeration to say that investing time and money in keeping your fascia healthy helps you live life to its fullest, whether you want to compete in athletic events or simply carry your groceries up the steps without feeling like you might fall. On top of all this, Amy is a joyous human being and full of resources and information. Her clinic is cozy and comfortable while remaining 💯 professional. She offers a variety of services to treat each client in the most specific and beneficial ways possible. She gets to know both you and your body and is an absolute genius at assessing your strengths, weaknesses and immediate and long-term needs. I believe that by getting myofascial treatment regularly and practicing her other self-care techniques I have definitely improved the quality of my life. -Cheryl Sacco

Meeting Amy a few years ago was a gift from God. My “desk” set up at work was totally wrong and was the main contributing factor to constant strain on my right shoulder/arm/neck. Amy came to my place of work, observed the furniture set up and how it impacted my access to my computer and mouse. It was absolutely eye-opening. I made an appointment to be see her for an evaluation. I could not even lift my right arm. My right shoulder was completely out of alignment. I had just completed 12 weeks of traditional physical therapy at a very popular and well know PT business with no improvement. Amy explained what myofascial release was and started working on my right arm/shoulder. Within a few visits I regained the ability to lift my right arm above my head, something I had not been able to do for months. It is an amazing form of therapy and totally effective, at least in my case. I have seen Amy and now Kim for around 3 years and I would not give up my treatments for anything! Amy and Kim are both absolutely GIFTED at this process. I would 1000% recommend myofascial release to anyone who is in pain or in need of physical therapy. As a matter of fact, I already have!

Since I started going to see Amy I cannot even begin to list all the benefits I have experienced. I no longer have lower back pain, I am running again, and feel both physically and mentally the best I have felt for years. Considering I turned 50 in February I have much to thank Amy for. I recommend her all the time to friends and family! -Julie L. 

Amy Mayer using a cross hand myofascial technique with a client.
Cross hand technique.

Amy is one of a kind… amazing! She has a different treatment method and is unlike anything I have tried. She has helped reduce my pain from a previous injury. I am feeling better than I have in years. Highly recommend…everyone needs this in their life! -Shelby T. 

Amy is a holistic therapist who helps the mind and body. She listens and is able to pick up on “small details” that have a “big impact” on your health and wellness. Strongly recommend! -John J. 

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Single hand technique to the shoulder.
Photo credits Mark Graeve Photography.

Amazing! Everyone needs this! – Penny N.

“I was completely unaware of the fascia until a co-worker referred me to Amy. I did some research prior to my appointment and was a bit shocked I hadn’t been informed by any other healthcare professional I’d visited for my pain. My specific issues were related to stress and a car accident I was in as a child all causing tension in my neck, shoulders, and arms that kept me from sleeping through the night. Amy inquired about any other medical issues and I shared I had seasonal & pet allergies. During my first appointment, Amy was focusing on my shoulder and arm through a deep stretch when I felt something “pop” like a release across my cheeks, nose, and eyes. I took a deep breath in through my nose unlike how I was breathing before. I was able to stop using my nose spray everyday and keep it to just the worst days.   Aside from that major improvement, I’ve learned the proper posture when standing and even walking. I also have exercises Amy showed me to do daily that have started strengthening my lower back and legs.  I’m all around elated with my opportunity to learn from Amy and finally start having some release from pain!”  – Andria R.

“When I first met Amy my back condition was horrible.  I had to use a walker to go from the bedroom to the greatroom (approx. 35′), and then had to ice for 2 hours  and take pain medication.  Only then could I get around the house with a cane, and still experienced pain with any physical work.  After a few visits I could get from my bedroom to the great room sometimes with a cane and about 50% of the time with without the cane. I don’t need to ice and overall the pain is about 75% less.  I can now use a push mower and a riding mower to cut and trim the lawn.  I haven’t been able to use a push mower for 4 years.  I can do many other home and yard chores and know my limits.  I also couldn’t ride in the car for over 45 minutes without stopping to stretch and walk.   Now I can travel for about 2.5 hours before I need a break and I can sleep in a regular bed when we travel.” -Dwight S.