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Mayer Wellness & Myofascial Release, LLC specializes in the J.F. Barnes myofascial release approach to whole body healing.  I also have extensive experience in posture, body alignment, ergonomics, meditation, specialized yoga, natural movement, and fascial focused stretching for a holistic approach in addressing pain, discomfort, and tightness.

Mayer Wellness & Myofascial Release, LLC is the best choice for breaking your cycle of pain and creating a life you desire.

I offer individual sessions for myofascial release, natural movement (MovNat® Certified), private yoga, myofascial stretching, ergonomic evaluations, and wellness consultations.

I offer several classes and workshops including fascial stretching, yoga, ergonomics, natural movement, and a variety of other classes to support your wellness.

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Pain affects quality of life whether big or small, intense or mild, persistent or intermittent. Most people with pain can accomplish daily tasks, but experience less joy or are distracted by the pain.  Each person develops pain due to different life experiences, so pain reduction and management cannot be one size fits all. As an occupational therapist with 28 years of experience. I recognize the uniqueness of each individual and how pain affects everyone’s life differently.  I use a multifaceted individualized approach.

  1. I use myofascial release (John F. Barnes MFR approach), a hands on technique that applies sustained pressures unique to each person to decrease tension in the myofascial system.  This removes pressure and stress on the tissues to encourage blood flow which allows the body to heal, move, and function normally.  There are many conditions MFR can help.
  2. I will evaluate your posture and body alignment in detail to determine fascial tightness that may be contributing to your pain.  Your body will heal faster and function better when aligned properly.  I’ll provide you with simple strategies to get your alignment on track.
  3. We will evaluate your work, sleep and life habits to determine if any habits may be contributing to your pain. I can provide simple adaptations and strategies to make small changes that can make a huge difference in your outcome. Read more in my ergonomics section.
  4. I will help design a movement and self-treatment plan designed to keep your body aligned and pain-free, as well as allow you to independently manage any flare-ups you may experience in the future.

The goal of Mayer Wellness & Myofascial Release, LLC is to help individuals break the pain cycle and redesign a satisfying and pain-free life.

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Since I started going to see Amy I cannot even begin to list all the benefits I have experienced. I no longer have lower back pain, I am running again, and feel both physically and mentally the best I have felt for years. Considering I turned 50 in February I have much to thank Amy for. I recommend her all the time to friends and family! -Julie L. 

Amy is one of a kind… amazing! She has a different treatment method and is unlike anything I have tried. She has helped reduce my pain from a previous injury. I am feeling better then I have in years. Highly recommend…everyone needs this in their life! -Shelby T. 

Amy is a holistic therapist who helps the mind and body. She listens and is able to pick up on “small details” that have a “big impact” on your health and wellness. Strongly recommend! -John J. 

Photo credit Mark Graeve Photography.
Photo credits Mark Graeve Photography.

Amazing! Everyone needs this! – Penny N.

“I was completely unaware of the fascia until a co-worker referred me to Amy. I did some research prior to my appointment and was a bit shocked I hadn’t been informed by any other healthcare professional I’d visited for my pain. My specific issues were related to stress and a car accident I was in as a child all causing tension in my neck, shoulders, and arms that kept me from sleeping through the night. Amy inquired about any other medical issues and I shared I had seasonal & pet allergies. During my first appointment, Amy was focusing on my shoulder and arm through a deep stretch when I felt something “pop” like a release across my cheeks, nose, and eyes. I took a deep breath in through my nose unlike how I was breathing before. I was able to stop using my nose spray everyday and keep it to just the worst days.   Aside from that major improvement, I’ve learned the proper posture when standing and even walking. I also have exercises Amy showed me to do daily that have started strengthening my lower back and legs.  I’m all around elated with my opportunity to learn from Amy and finally start having some release from pain!”  – Andria R.

“When I first met Amy my back condition was horrible.  I had to use a walker to go from the bedroom to the greatroom (approx. 35′), and then had to ice for 2 hours  and take pain medication.  Only then could I get around the house with a cane, and still experienced pain with any physical work.  After a few visits I could get from my bedroom to the great room sometimes with a cane and about 50% of the time with without the cane. I don’t need to ice and overall the pain is about 75% less.  I can now use a push mower and a riding mower to cut and trim the lawn.  I haven’t been able to use a push mower for 4 years.  I can do many other home and yard chores and know my limits.  I also couldn’t ride in the car for over 45 mintues with out stopping to stretch and walk.   Now I can travel for about 2.5 hours before I need a break and I can sleep in a regular bed when we travel.” -Dwight S.