New eBook Based on the Myofascial Self-Care Workshop

My eBook A Beginner’s Guide to Myofascial Self-Care: How to Relieve Pain, Tension, and Stiffness Naturally and Start Feeling Better in Just Minutes is now available in two formats.

If you’ve been to the workshop and want a reminder of all the great releases plus many more, this is it!  It is 80+ pages of instructions with pictures. Over 400 people have attended this live workshop over the past 3 years and loved it. I frequently get the comment, “why don’t people know about this!?”. I’ve been percolating this for many year and I’m so pleased to offer this information to the world in the form of a video based class and a book.

Or do you have a friend or family member you wish you could bring to the workshop, but they are unable to get here?  This ebook or the video-based workshop is the answer.

The Kindle version is available on my Amazon author page. 
Or as a downloadable PDF on my Teachable site. You can find the video based class here too.

A special thanks to The Freckled Lexicologist (aka my daughter) for all the editing support. And, my clients who inspire me daily to continue to improve.

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