Give Everyone the Gift of Yoga

Anyone can practice yoga. Healthcare practitioners and fascia experts are recommending yoga to so many people from the very young, to people with disabilities to our elders with a variety of health issues. There is so much research to support yoga as a strategy for managing a huge variety of health issues. As a result, there are millions of people practicing and loving yoga, myself included.

The sad news is that millions of people try to start a yoga practice and fail. Unfortunately, yoga practices in the United States and beyond are so highly varied it is hard for people, especially those with health issues to jump right into a regular yoga class. It can be intimidating, unsafe and not get you the results you were promised when your healthcare professional recommended you try yoga.

This is exactly why I developed the course:

Yoga for Your Health: Everything You Need to Know to Safely and Confidently Begin a Yoga Practice to Target Your Health Concerns

The course is $39.99 and will guide your loved one through the process of how to begin a yoga practice that will support their health needs whether they want to join a community class, find an online resource, or create a home practice. They will also learn why yoga is so helpful for their specific issue and how to keep themselves safe and injury free when practicing. In this course I cover yoga for:

Physical Health
Mental and Emotional Health
General Wellness
Women’s Health
Healthy Aging
Athletic Performance
Kids and Teens
Yoga in Rehabilitation

Follow the course link above to learn more about the course and see the entire curriculum. If you’re interested in the course for a loved one, contact me. You can pay for the course and provide them with a coupon code they can use to access the course.

Another great idea for your friend or family member is gifting them equipment or props commonly used in a yoga practice. Props such as mats, blocks, straps and cushions can make anyone’s yoga practice more successful and effective. You can find links to the products I love and use myself on my Self-care Tools page.

Yoga is a practice that is good for your entire body and your mind. Please consider beginning a yoga practice. This investment in yourself will pay dividends!

It’s your move!

Woman practicing yoga.

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